Hiii Buddies....I am having a very frustrating time trying to understand where to start from and where to end in creating online enrollment billing system....there is tonnes of stuffs that i have no clue wat to do.....since m a beginner
it is possible to help me out with the coding below..........
iam soooooo blank.......in this c++
Your friend, Laxus, is an owner of a software firm. His firm has recently been tasked with creating an
Online Enrollment Billing System for Coconut University. This system will assist students in calculating
the fees for units enrolled in and checking whether units they want, require a prerequisite.

Since you are doing a programming unit, he has come to you with a job offer to create a prototype
program for the university.
There are two Programmes available for Students to enroll in:
· Bachelor of Commerce in Information System (BCom)
· Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

Under the BCom and BIS programme the offered units as well as their perquisite are as follows:

BIT units codes Cost Prerequisite BCom unit codes Cost Prerequisites
MTH511 $200 NONE CIN531 $200 NONE
CIN531 $200 NONE CIN535 $200 CIN535
CIN535 $200 CIN531 CIN501 $200 NONE
CIN621 $530 CIN531 CIN621 $530 CIN531
CIN624 $530 CIN531 CIN623 $530 CIN621
CIN628 $530 CIN624 CIN708 $650 CIN501
CIN713 $650 NONE CIN711 $650 CIN501

Students are only allowed to enroll to a maximum of 3 units for the year and can only enroll in units in
their programme. Furthermore Students are only allowed to do units if they have done the prerequisite of
that unit.

Each student is given a unique Student ID which goes up to a maximum of 8 numerical digits. For
example: “1”, “98754684”, etc.


Create a program which will allow students to supply the Student ID and select the programme code
offered, and based on the programme, choose the units code.

Programme codes are as follows:
· C or c for BCom programme
· I or i for BIT programme

Unit codes are listed in the table above.
The program should then display the student ID, the programme enrolled in, units chosen, and the total
cost of the three units.

Use functions to achieve the following tasks:
1. Read Student details that is ID, programme and units enrolled in
2. Calculate the total cost of the units enrolled in
3. Display Student details and total cost of units

Ensure your program is able to do validation and asks the user to input another data in case of an incorrect
entry. Your program should also ask the user, when entering unit codes, whether they have done the
prerequisites. If not then choose another unit or allow the user to enroll in another unit.

Your program should also have the ability to ask if the user wants to put another student’s details after
one student is done.

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Start with "Hello World!" then add to it.

Then come back and as for help when you have something to show.


Posting requests for help must be well thought out if you want help quickly and correctly.  Your post did not meet the criteria for quality help. You may get some posts, but are they going to be useful?  Check your post with these checkpoints - what is it [i]you[/i] missed:
[*]Ask a question that can be answered. Do not ask
- What's wrong with my code?
- Why doesn't this work?
- Anything else that does not give us useful information
[*]Post your code.  If we don't know what you did, how can we possibly help?
- Use [b]PROPER FORMATTING[/b] -- see this
- Use CODE Tags so your formatting is preserved.
If we can't follow your code, it's difficult to help. We don't care that you're still working on it. If you want us to read it, it must be readable
[*]Explain what the code is supposed to do.  If we don't know where the target is, how can we help you hit it?
[*]Explain what actually happened! If we don't know where the arrow went when you shot it, how can we tell what went wrong and how far from the target you are?
[*]If you have errors, post them! We can't see your screen.  We can't read your mind. You need to tell us what happened.
[*]Do [b]not[/b] ask for code. We are not a coding service. We will help you fix your code. 
    If anyone posts working code for you, they are a cheater. 
    If you use that code [i]you[/i] are a cheater.
[*]Do [b]not[/b] bore us with how new you are. We can tell by your code.
- Do not apologize. We were all new, and unless you are completely 
  brain dead you will get better.
- Do not ask us to "take it easy on you."
- Do not say "I don't know what's going on." That's obvious since
  you posted for help. Use that time wisely by [b]explaining[/b] as best 
  you can so we can help.
[*][b]Do not post your requirements and nothing else. [/b]We view that as a lazy do-nothing student that wants us to do their work for them. That's cheating and we [i]will[/i] be hard on you.
[*]Do not attach files except when absolutely necessary. Most of us are not going to download file.  Add the information to your post.
[*][b]Do not tell us how urgent it is.[/b] Seriously, for us there is no urgency at all. Many that can help will ignore any URGENT or ASAP requests.
Think more about your next post so we don't have to play 20 questions to get the info we need to help you.


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