Hi everyone,

I'd like to ask our Java experts a simple question about learning Java. I want to know how to learn a programming language in easy steps(if possible) especially Java. Would anyone suggest a good way of learning it and improving the way that from how a normal person thinks to a good programmer's way of thinking?

I want to build pretty solid foundations in my programming skills. Suggestions/advice/proven ways/ personal experience will be so much appreciated.

Thanks to all.

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ead Java For Dummies.

It should give you a good headstart. Then you can look at Core Java Volume 1 (Cay Horstmann) and get yourself completely into Java. Then if you are interested you can look at Core Java Volume 2.

I know a few things in Java so I ain't completely a dummy. But, I do struggle with the thinking outside the box! At the moment, I'm trying to learn from a book called "Thinking in Java". It really seems pretty useful.

Thanks buddy for passing by and suggesting the website and books' names.

There is whole thread dedicated to learning and working resources in Java that includes recommended books also. Top of this forum Starting "Java" [Java tutorials / resources / faq]. Back at school I used to work with Java How to Program from Deitel & Deitel. It goes from basics to advanced topics, to collections and multithreading. Plus it does covers GUI, networking, database connectivity, applets and basics of Java web development (JSP, servlets, JSF)

I have learned a lot of my Java from TheNewBoston on Youtube. He gives nice comments, and works out a lot better for me than a book.
(I have also read books, but the start came from YouTube.)

Really many video's, from the beginnings of Java, to full screen games.

Good luck!

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