Okay so i have to get my VB programme to connect to an access database which i did, just dragged and dropped and clicked.
My data base has 3 tables,products, customers and orders.
I have to be able to edit, update and delete customers and products. People also have to be able to order things and then be able to view their order and the cost.

I'm really crap at VB! I have the layout. Two drop down menus 'file' which has 'customer' and 'products' menu and 'view' which is where people can buy and view orders.

'Customer' and 'products' basically link to a form which has buttons 'edit', 'update', 'add' and delete'.

I've imported the database but i have no idea how to tell vb to take information put into variables i.e. a new customer and stick it into the database :S

Could anyone please help! I've tried looking else where but I really dont understand, PLEASE :(

I think i'll be okay once i know how to edit the database from a form but now i'm pretty much stuck

Friends time (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) vb6 ado tutorial...

Good Luck

I,ve look online but i still dont get it. It tells me to use code to import my database but my work sheet tells me to import it as a data source which i do.

I just dont get how to affect the database from a form in VB :S

try browsing my website, you might find something in my Project page.

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