I am creating a project, which one start copy itself to any drive and stop execution and run other file which was copied....

No progress yet... Has any one done similar type of project before.... Need a bit for starting guidance.... Thank you.

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1) pure and plain Java ???

2) File is runnable ???

3) File is compiled to the MyName.jar (for example) ???

4) there any recomplication/decompilation/Compilation ???

5) if for all four questions is your answer onnly word YES, then yes that's possible, and you're proceed to the next round

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Thanx Korbel, i just made copy possible
Now my task is to
1) run new file
2) close my old app.

And both are same file but on different location.

consider bee.jar , it starts from drive c and make a copy at drive f , now c:\bee.jar start f:\bee.jar and close itself.

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