i ahve to write a java program using method...the program uses a method to calculate the total cost to rent the business area.then it prints the result...

the rent for 100 square feet tent is 100 per day...the user has o key in the square feet needed and the rent if for how many days...plz do help me out...i hv no idea how to start

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public class LazyHomeworkKiddoClass {

there you go

Is this your homework? I would advice you to post some self written code first before you ask for help. This would give assurance that you have atleast given a shot and are not looking for an easy way out.


Forum rules are clear on what is allowed and expected in case of homework

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments.

Secondly proper English something expected on anyone around here, meaning sentence starts with capital letter, there is nothing like "plz". I hope you get what I'm saying...

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