Helloo......... how to set expiry date whenever my passport is expiry its automatically ALERT is there any code for expiration plz help me or give sum advice or sample

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what code you have so far? Please show some effort first. Thank you.

i dnt have any code..........jst i need advice / sample abt EXPIRY date how to set

Generally, if you are using a database the expiry date will be stored there. Without knowing more about what you want to achieve its hard to really help but, for example, if you were logging into a website and your password reset date was kept in the database, when you login code can check the current date vs the expiry date and alert you there is a week left, you're overdue, whatever.

if u have any code or sample plz can u snd me......................

muneeb213, don't ask for code if you don't even provide more information. Such as:
where do you save the expirydate (xml, sql database, access database, txt file???)
Also explain more detailed what EXACTLY you want to do.

ookk........i m using Visual studio & Sql Server 2005.............my all data save to sql database........

when employeee passport is expiry.......its display MUNEEB passport will expiry on 28-12-2011

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