hi everyone , I have finally finished my firsy c# project and I want to make a .exe file for it , so any help??

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Did you compile it?
What type of project was it?

windows application I use microsoft visual c# 2010

Check the folder of your project, for C# I believe it will be inside a bin folder inside the project's folder, and then you go into debug/release folder according to your build(You can check that at the top of your window in VS, next to the run button.

Simply put, you don't need to do anything extra to make your project into an .exe, every time you compile and run your code from VS, an .exe is created at the folder I specified, VS just runs it for you so you don't have to navigate there every time.

thanks a lot=>KazenoZ
I will try it

just one more question if I copied this exe file alone to any other pc it will work?? because this is why I need an exe file

That depends on the content of your project.

Mainly, you'll need to move all the .dll files you used along with the .exe.
Also, in alot of cases, you'll want to pack Microsoft's Visual Studio Redistributable Package for PCs that don't have them.

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