I need to have a way to veiw/print reports designed in MS Access in my Delphi application.

I have a MS Access 2007 db for the backend of my Delphi2010 application. I have reports I had defined and saved in my Access db. I would like to place a button in a form of my Delphi app to allow the user to view/print these reports.

I have seen one solution from:

but this solution requires Access to be on the machine my app runs on. Furthermore, it requires the db to remain open so the user can view the report. This opens the db for unauthorized access by a user to parts of the db they should not see.

So is their a way I can have the access report called from my code with in my application that would allow the user to view/print it that does not require Access to be on the pc?

Thanks in advance for any help!



Still have not been able to find a solution.... Is there a runtime version of Access where I can have that installed on a users machine and then code my app to view/print my Access report? How would I code this ?

Or, is there a way where I can run the report and restrict the user from seeing/modifying the other objects in the back-end db? How ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.... resistance? <lol>


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