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I have downloaded a source code written in C. There I found a Makefile file . Can you tell me how to run that "makefile" file from command line ?

thank you

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Hi, although I'm not sure this is the correct place for your post, try using 'make' command

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thank you, but it does not with make Make_file_name

Well, what's the output then?
P.S. If your makefile is named as "Makefile" which is a default, you can just type make.

if your makefile is of extension someFileName.make , try using make -f someFileName.make

I'm pretty sure you can rename it to makefile and just type make. I don't think that will affect anything in the makefile unless there's some special case in the file.

*edit: make sure you're in the correct directory on the command line when you type make or it obviously won't work

first you make the path of your terminal to the downloaded package after that
write in the command line -------sudo make install

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