Step 10 #7

how to find the path of the following:

ImageMagick Path?


SoX Path?

JOD Path?

OpenOffice/LibreOffice Path for jodconverter?

I try using the locate command (ex locate imagemagick) yet there is bunch of them, I cannot tell which path to use.


root@ubuntu:~# locate imagemagick

root@ubuntu:~# locate FFMPEG

Can anyone help me?

It depends on whether OpenMeetings wants the path to the tools that make up ImageMagick, or the path to the ImageMagick libraries. The ImageMagick tools (convert, identify, mogrify, composite, montage etc) should all be installed to /usr/bin/.
To confirm you have them installed, try which convert, which should give you the path to ImageMagick's image conversion program.

If it wants the path to the ImageMagick libraries, they should be located at /usr/lib/ImageMagick-x.y.z/ (Where x.y.z is the currently installed version/build of ImageMagick.)
Try using locate ImageMagick (note the capitalisation) and you should see the path to the library files. Alternatively, use the -i switch to ignore the case of the search term: locate -i imagemagick

Likewise, if ffmpeg is installed it should be in /usr/bin/.
Try which ffmpeg to confirm the path to the ffmpeg binary.
If it does not display anything, you almost certainly don't have it installed. If this is the case, you can install it from the repos using sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

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