Hi all!
I am quite new to C++ and just been hacking with stdlib.
When I want to start hacking other things outside stdlib,
like network aso. I get confused and can not find what I am looking for.
I use GNU/Linux and want to use "native" libs for that.
But where do I find documentation? As far as I have seen in tutorials
and so on there are files like sys/types.h.
But where do I find API doc for it?

Many thanks in advance!


Run the man program on Linux your system, it searches for documentation. Libraries in particular are found in section 3.

Yes I know.
But you need to know the name to be able to use man.
If you know what you want to do and don't know the name
and want to "browse" through to find what you need.
How do I handle that?

You could just google for the file name, such as google for "sys/types.h", or just use a text editor to view the file that is stored on your computer. Or ... buy a book that contains all the information.

Yes I know.

Clearly not. Might I suggest $man man ? Then you'll see the -k and -K options which will help you search for a keyword.

There is an additional tool named apropos which allows you to search through the man pages for a given word or phrase.

As for networking, specifically, there are some excellent tutorials online for that, with Beej's Guide to Networking being one of the best-known and most respected. For information on the Linux libraries in general, you can try The Linux Documentation Project, which is set up to cover most of the major aspects of Linux as a whole. For external libraries such as Allegro or cURL, the best place to start is usually the website for the library itself.