So, I have a two part question for you...

I'm going to be writing several lines of code to a .txt file, but I won't know what each line is, or how many there will be. There could easily be hundreds of lines. I need to add a prefix to the front of each individual line. Is such a thing possible, when you don't know how many lines there are going to be? (It will all be contained within a list before being written to the file, btw.)

And second question... if I potentially had say, over 1000 lines of text, would the list be able to hold them all? I haven't seen any mention of lists' limitations anywhere, so I'm not sure if there is a limit or not, but I'm just asking to be safe.

Thanks for the help.

(Lol, whoops... I wrote string in the title instead of list. My bad.)

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To answer your second question, try it out yourself in IDLE, what a quick for loop that creates a list and adds 1000 lines of some random sentence. TIP: It works :-)

Your first question, sure I don't see anything that can't be done there. Just write the txt file line by line and add the prefix just before you write the line to the file.

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