I got the basic understanding of what it is asking for the Declarations but im lost after the first question.

1) Declares a vehicle record as a struct with the fields: id, make, cost, sale price, profit (profit should be kept empty, it will be calculated in the program)
2) Reads an arbitrary number of vehicles and store them in an array of structs
3) Computes the profit field in and save it in each record
4) Finds the vehicle -id with the highest price and displays its information (fields)
5) Lists vehicle-ids with a profit less than a specified limit
6) Lists vehicle-ids with a price greater than a specified limit
7) Includes a function that reads a single vehicle record and appends it to the array of records
8) Includes a function that displays all fields of a specified ID
9) Includes a macro that handles the function in (4) above
10) Includes a macro that handles the function in (5) above
11) Have your program read input from a file (extra)

INCLUDE Debug\Lib_Inc\Irvine32.inc

Vehicle STRUCT
Idv BYTE "00000000"
Make BYTE 15 DUP(0)
Cost WORD 0
SalePrice WORD 0
Profit WORD ?
Vehicle ENDS

vehicle1 Vehicle <>

main PROC

main ENDP
END main

Thank You for any help.

Do you know how to allocate arrays?

Do you know how to read a file?

If not, then you need to study them before doing the rest of this program.