In my Delphi9, I have the ability to "Shrink" complete procedures and functions so that only the first line is visible.
There is a small + or - at the beginning of first line of a routine, and when pressed, the code is 'minimized' or 'maximized'.
I find this to be a great way of making code easy to browse through, only opening the routine I need to work with at the moment.

However. I seem to have a problem with this, because when I start writing a new procedure between some of those already minimized, my editor at some point always expand all code below where I am working.

I have tried looking through options for my editor, but I can not find anything of use there.
I simply would like a way to keep the procedures and functions minimized until I choose to open them.

Another thing. I wonder if there is an ability to automatically minimize all procedures and functions in the editor. so that I dont have to click all of them..

Thank you for any help regarding this issue.

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Some times the answer is so obvious that it is kind of unreal
within the code I can right click and choose Fold.
It can fold(Shrink/minimize) one or more procedures/methods.

I still have not found the ability to keep them folded though. That is my next goal :-)

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