Hello .. im a business student with a vb.net course .. donno why we're being taught vb but that's that .. any ways could anyone help me solve this problem:
Develop an application which reads two integers n1 and n2 from the user via two textboxes and displays in a label the sum of the factorial of the integers n1 and n2

Hi there,

What part of the problem are you having trouble with?

If you need a good starters tutorial check out http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/net/vbnet.html

If you need any further guidance please check back with more details.


You are being taught to program because it is important to be able to analyze and describe a process in detail, and at some point you will need to have an appreciation for the work that goes into developing an application. For a non-programming example, try to write out a procedure for tying your shoe-laces. It should be detailed enough so that someone who has never done it before can accomplish the task.

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