I've been looking for an app that could find a specific open window on the desktop and 'lock' it so can't be re-sized or moved (most likely by using the title bar value/property).

Having had no luck, I was wondering if this can be done in c++? I used to code in myriad languages many eons ago and the last time I used c++ was over 10 years ago. At that time I was coding apps from the ground up, but never coded anything that would look at existing windows etc. on the desktop already. If it can be done I was going to look at writing my own app that would search any current open windows on the desktop, find the one required using the value in the title bar, and change the properties on it to make it un-movable or re-sizeable, so in essence locking it in place so it can't be changed by accident.

Not having coded in so long, I was wondering if this is possible in c++ (just downloaded a free c++ compiler/dev app and was going to look into it if it is possible).

Thanks for any input,
-A rusty ole Programmer/Analyst from yesteryear ;-p

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Not possible using only C++.
Window management is platform dependent so you will have to use the facilities provided by the operating system.
For Windows, this can be done by using the freely downloadable platform SDK.
For Linux, I don't know. Try a google search on Linux GUI programming or something.

Bleah. Ok, thanks for the info.

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