Hey, guys.
I have A database with some Customers with some parameters.
I made the Mapper (the connection class between the data base and the GUI).
So... I create an object "Customer" (through the GUI) which has the parameters and then I store the object into another class CustomerList which has the ArraList of customers.
In the GUI I have a button Edit Customer, so when I press it I want all of the customers to appear in a list one below another, but me dunno how to do it... :D

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It would be useful if you supplied some code you've already written? No pain no gain as they say.

Also, i'm assuming you're using MySQL, need some software details or something.

why do you need to know what DB he's using?
you know he's getting his information into an ArrayList, and he wants to display them in a GUI.

everything he needs is to add a JTextArea into his GUI, and for each element of his ArrayList he'll need to append the text representing that element to the JTextArea.

take a look here, that should help you out. If you only have a limited size of screen and might get unlimited answers, you may also want to add a JScrollBar to the JTextArea.

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