Hi, I need help with my assignment. Basically I have to make a html page and have the output display in a .cgi file. I am able to change the font and colors in the html page but the output of my cgi file comes out in black font. I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the color of the font in the output displayed?

What you need to do is have the CGI script actually generate an HTML page, rather than simply printing back plain text.

Can you post the relevant code (using CODE tags if you please)? It would make it much easier to discuss this if we could see the program in question.

hi regarding to your problem on how to change the text background color and text is simple like this.


cout<<"/n/n/t/t/t HENRY";

return 0;

ok? just try..

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commented: Get away from out-of-date compilers!!! -4

And what if you aren't using decades-old technology? What if you're using any compiler released between 2000 and now? Or even any old compiler that isn't Turbo?

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