Hey everybody,

I've been working with some co-developers on a really cool new social networking site. Before anyone asks, I am expierienced. This website runs on PHP 5.3. As you can imagine, the reason behind this was to create a dynamic stream of content. One of the major (and simple) functions of PHP for this site is to generate a dynamic bar which sticks to the top, and is different, depending on if you're logged in or not. I have been having a problem where the CSS style appplies to every other document(index.php, home.php, passwordgenerator.php), but does not apply to one page(profile.php). It's probablly something simple that I have missed, but could someone look at this site and see if they can tell what's wrong? When the CSS is applied correctlly, it looks like this page(with a blue background, #2371AF),(http://beta.thesocialbox.net/index.php). It is glitching on this page (http://beta.thesocialbox.net/profile.php?id=1).It would be incrediblly helpful to my team!


I forgot the <!DOCTYPE html>... whoops

Don't worry... everyone makes mistakes no matter how experienced you are... :)

If you were really born in 1997 then that site is really impressive, it is impressive nontheless, but being that young is astounding.

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