Hi Friends,

Am developing a project for a college with all basic module of creating department , Course details , Student Attendance etc....My question is

I need to store Daily attendance for final report , So how can i store those data rather going to sql databse ? Is it a right way to hold in SQL or plss suggest me is there any other way...

Thanx in advance .

You can store the data in files.
- Individual files based on student and/or date
- Group files based on students and/or date

You can use a document-oriented database
- like Redis
- like NOSQL

You can store the data in XML

There is no specific "right way".
There is only a right way for you or your data or your customer.

Since this is for school (and not long-term), you can create files named by STUDENT_ID_DATE.txt
- like: 12345_20111216.txt
- like: 12346_20111216.txt
...and if the file is missing, the student was not present on that day.
You can add files without having to shift records.

If this is a mock real-world application then you should absolutely save it in a database. Wouldn't be much use to have local datafiles that no one else can access. The type of database is up to you, but relational ones (such as InnoDB) are easy to use, well documented, and are a straight forward approach to the problem.


Thanx for your reply....I would go for holding data as XML file ....

Thanx again:-)