Hi everyone.

I created a Windows Forms Application project which is sending data to parallel port by using inpout32.dll and I'm having following problems:

When I test it on Windows XP, an error occurs "This isn't a Win32 application". Why?
When I test it on my pc, it runs but it locks in event procedures which contain _outp() function of inpout32.dll. Why?

These are the necessary informations
OS: Windows 7 x64
IDE: Visual Studio Developer Preview
App Type: Windows Forms Application
Debug Settings: Debugging as 32bit
used libs: inpout32.dll, inpout32.lib

Is .NET framework installed on the XP computer? As for Win7 computer, inpout32.dll may not be compatible with it -- just a guess. If you google for that library there is no mention of any version of MS-Windows newer than XP.

Yes the problem can be .NET framework not installed and Yes, Inpout32.dll compatible with Windows NT.

In my pc there isn't any LPT port, does it lock for that reason?