My Program changes it's My.settings to default , it looses the Location Where it is saved
This only happens when i move to a new area
But if i take a new builded exe and put it in same Dir of old exe then It Remembers old Settings

Anybody wanna share on how's this possible and maybe if there's a Fix or workaround

Can you please explain what you mean by

This only happens when i move to a new area


it looses the Location Where it is saved


The Settings are getting old Properties from last Build App in dir somehow??

If your project increase the file version each time you build your project then the settings are back to default.

The "my.settings" are stored in the file "user.config" at the following path:
C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\<your company>\<your project>\<version number>\user.config

As example:
C:\Users\GeekByChoiCe\AppData\Roaming\Multiplayer Gaming Solutions\GV_ACS\\user.config

in most cases the company name in the project is not set, so the folder will be "Microsoft".

try to use the xml , to remember your application setting , i used xml file in my project to store , dbname , servername , bgcolo , text , location ,and other information , try to use xml to store your settings ,
Hope this will give u some idea ,

Best Regards
M.Waqas Aslam

Im am thinking about that idea waqasaslammmeo
Save.Settings still very Beta :(
and by the way anybody know the Location in Windows XP
Of wat GeekByChoiCe suggested

Okay i found Location but can someone help with Global Reading and writing (using ini,xml etc.)

And its still getting the Saved Settings some of it is Strings
How is this possible where are these files which have these properties stored
Or is it maybe in App:icon_neutral: if so then im kinda F*****