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Hi there, I started learning Java this year, and I must say that I am surprised how good I have gotten at it. I still have a bunch to learn, but I am able to make my own programs that does a lot of different stuff. I am taking AP computer science at school, and the class is based off this: snip

So if you want to learn Java, this might be one of the best ways to do it. But be thorough, and do all the programs. I am currently at lesson 13, so I will be able to help you with everything before that. Good luck!

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this is not an 'ultimate guide', this is just one site giving basic information.
if you truly want to learn java development, you may want to check the sticky thread on top in the forum.

ok, you get to 'do' a lot of programs. is there a way to verify whether or not your code is correct? yes, I assume your code will work, but is it also efficiënt, ...

also: what do you mean by:

but I am able to make my own programs that does a lot of different stuff.

what 'different stuff' can you do? do you mean just the assignments that are given on the site you 're implying to be the ultimate java guide? or does your knowledge go deeper than that.

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oh my god, what's wrong with you? I did not mean ultimate literally, as there is no such thing. However, this is one of the standards in the american school system, developed by people employed by the state to write a curriculum for american schools. And I am pretty sure they know what they are doing. There is a reason why the people who wrote the sticky wasn't employed in the american school system to write this.


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