Hi I am starting to learn Java.
I am new to Java.
Which book do you think is the best book to learn Java for Beginners?

I'm using DS Malik's Java Programming book.

I'm reading through Head First Java. It's not a dry programming book at all, and it explains topics really well. It's more of a humorous book with more visuals to help the reader understand topics.

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I'm reading through Core Java by Horstmann & Cornell and I think it's a great book

Deitel & Deitel : Java How to program is a pretty good one, too.

kathy sierra...and black book also good for java.....

Im a first year univeristy programming(Computing) student. The core book in my java class is:
Quetin Charatan and Aaron Kans: Java in two semsters. Third edition

Its really quite good if you are new to object oriented programming aswell. If you have done c++, c# or the like before quessing it might be a bit too basic..