I am experiencing a similar problem everytime I stay too long in coding.
here is the problem: When I EDIT a code, or move a position of a button or textbox or anything, or any other changes is done, and i debug it, the changes I made won't appear.
(the one that will play will be the one that not changes, for example: the moved button is still in its original position)

this happens all the time. Am I accidentally pushing a button ? This problem is ruining my mood all the time.. Please help me about this. Thanks.

Try Repairing/Reinstalling Visual Studios. Could be an internal issue w/VS, although...
If this only happens in one project, cloning/restarting the project might and possibly will fix the issue.

I personally would Reinstall(after saving my.Cool VS.Settings, If you got any), to get a new copy of VS. Hope this helps.

Sorry for late reply.
I tried reinstalling but the problem still occurs.
Btw, "Rebuild Solution" does the job.
Tnx !

commented: providing.solution to own thread.:) +12

I have had the same issue years ago and could not figure it out.:(Thanks for solution.:)