Are you bored of coding competitions where they ask you to code complex logic in familiar languages ? Also, are you amused about the word 'Polyglot Programming' which is essentially writing a single code that runs successfully in many compilers without any modification?

Then KODEMULTUS is what you should try!!! Here is the chance to code simpler logic in new, unfamiliar languages with quite complex but interesting syntax. Then what are you waiting for?? Just register online and start solving the brain teasing questions. Out perform your competitors in the preliminary round and get the opportunity to participate in the onsite round of Kode multus.

Phase 1 of Prelims started in SPOJ onDecember 27th,2011 !

Get registered for the event and start playing !!

Exciting prizes waiting for you!!

For further details checkout Kodemultus

This doesn't belong in this forum, there are other places it should have been posted. And, to my shame, I even tried to check it out only to find I can't. Check it out where?????