So my teacher asked us to make a problem. This was just passed to me by my classmate and this is the problem:

flow chart problem:

a. Create a flowchart that will determine the sum of two numbers and if the sum is greater or smaller than 50. (0-50 less than, 51-100 greater than)

b. create a program that will ask for a letter and will display flowchart
if there is a valid color or not.

Ex. input letter: B

I really don't get what our teacher wanted us to make. Make a program that will display a flowchart? Is that possible? I'm still a first year BS in Computer Science student, so I have plenty of things to learn.

Thank you!

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draw a flowchart in a paper then turn it into a program

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draw a flowchart in a paper then turn it into a program

It's a lot better to ask the teacher who gave you the assignment for clarifications

Are you suppose to generate a flow chart from your code?
try AutoFlowchart

Are you suppose to create/show a flow chart from your code?
try using Forger's to create a window that will graphically show the user the program

or maybe the teacher is simply implying to make the program work based on your flowchart or display the program in a flowchart like manner ;)

Of course most of these suggestion's are not beginner friendly so please ask your teacher first and come back here if you need help :)

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