Could you please tell me how to clear the old data from the datagridview in
the below code is retrieving the data from table and display in a gridview for particular person. but when i wanna check the next person record if he dosen't have record so the previous data still will not erased?

Dim c As New sqlStmt
Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM Experience WHERE CID='" & Trim(txtCID.Text) & "'", c.con)
Dim ds As New DataSet("ManPower")
da.Fill(ds, "ManPower")
dgExperience.DataSource = ds.Tables("ManPower").DefaultView

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Did you refresh the dgExperience after assigning the data source?


Also the


before assigning the new data source, can help.

Hope this helps

hi !
try this code


it will remove all the rows then assign new data to it
Hope this will helps u

Regards .
M.Waqas Aslam

//whenever you are trying to bind DataTable to Datagridview
//First of all make Datagridview  datasource null;
//set the 
dgExperience.DataSource = null
// then write your code
// and even you can check your DataTable Like
DataTable _DataTable=new DataTable(); 
if( _DataTable!=null || _DataTable.Rows.Count !=0) then
// bind your grid with datatable or dataset
dgExperience.DataSource = null
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