i'm just a newbie in dealing with master details in datagridview. i have a two datagridview. first is the employees record and the other one is file(which contains the file path of csv files). my backend is ms access database.one database with two tables. Now, when im going to click the id number in the employees record datagridview, i want to display the data from the file datagridview which has the same id number with the employees record datagridview. Any idea? Please help me. Thank you ;-)
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this is it.., in the employees record datagridview, i have this id number, fistname, last name, age, and so on.. In the second datagridview which is the files dataridview contains id number, filepath( of a textfiles) and date. now what i wanted to do is that when I'm going to click the id number of an employee in the employeesdatagridview, all the data in the filesdataridview which has the same idnumber (with that in employeesdatagridview) will show..sorry for my bad english... thanks for the reply and any help will be appreciated ;-)

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