Hi, I am just starting to learn Python GUI programming with Tkinter. The majority of examples on net and books show the widgets and windows in typical MS Windows style (i.e the blue top border, holding the maximizing, minimizing and cancelling buttons), as shown in the first picture. Is there any way to customize the display of widgets to yield a GUI like, say, in the second picture?

Tk GUIs don't look and behave like a native application, which affects the "look & feel" in multiple small ways,
which make a complex app feel weird and clunky compared to native apps on given system.
So Tkinter will not look god on windows.

For more better looking GUI look into wxpython,PyQt(pyside),PyGTK.

You mean with PyQT or Wxpython it's possible to make customized GUIs, while with Tkinter it is not possible? Man, that sucks! Had I known it before, I would have learnt Wxpython first!

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