Hi guys,

I am a newbie that starting to write programming in C#?
Anyway got any good suggestion that i can learn the C# example books, website or tutorial?

Thanks you

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Using google research the following topics:

Loops (for, foreach, do, while)
Application Extensions

Classes To Research:

Namespaces To Research (Get familiar with these):

Google is your best source of information on the internet. There are practically millions of people available to help you. I'm one of them. If you need any assistance with C# I'm available on Skype:

Username: unrain010

// Don't mistake the zeros for O's. :)

If you really desperately want a book on C# get Deitel's Visual C#. It's a college level book and it's really good from what I've been told by professors. I never opened my copy because I learned everything from google before hand. Also remember that your most important thing to learn is the syntax. Here's an example of it.

// Reference to external dependencies. (Dlls)
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;

// Curly brackets open and close Namespaces, Classes, Methods, and variables depending on how you declare them.
namespace MyNamespace
   public class Interfaces
        // Identifiers are not required but without one the default is public.
        private NetworkInterface[] MNI = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();

        // Voids are methods (variable types can form methods too, as long as they return a value)
        public void GetAll()
            // Semi-colons are required after 99% of statements.
            string x = "";

            foreach (NetworkInterface ni in MNI)
                x += ni.Name + Environment.NewLine;

It's already been stated that a google search will do wonders for your quest for knowledge. With that being said, here are some MUST HAVE books for any serious .NET developer.

Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform is one of the most indepth resources available regarding .NET development using C#. Andrew Troelsen leaves no stone unturned as he explains the ins and outs of what makes up the .NET platform and the C# programming language.

Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform [Paperback]
Andrew Troelsen (Author)

Code Complete by Steve McConnell is IMO the best book on language independent software construction. Every developer should be required to read this book at least twice. I dare you to find a bad review for this book online..

Code Complete 2nd edtion by Steve McConnell

The .NET Rocks! radio program is an incredible resource to any developer. I urge you to listen to one episode.. you'll be hooked.. which brings me to..

.NET Rocks radio show!

DNRTv video show!

I hope this gets you started.

Buddy James




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