I was just washing dishes and as usual was pondering programming scenarios. One came across my mind that hit me hard. UPDATES! I would like links to information on how to make an application that checks for updates at a location on a free website (I'm using webs.com for my hosting) so I can keep those that are using my applications up to date with my projects. I have a few that I've modified since beginning them and passing them out to friends, but without an update checker/downloader and installer I have to manually send them all the updates. As you can imagine, this will be very unfortunate if my programs get distributed over a large area of people. So all information on this process is greatly appreciated. Like I stated, I want to be able to have the programs check online if updates are available, and if they are give them the option to download and install them, or have to application automatically do it for them. Kind of like the annoyance of Windows Update in Windows 7. :)


Thank you for the link. :)

Woah, there is a J# language? That's bad ass. I wanna see examples. I've heard of F# but never J#. OHHH It's just Java by Microsoft. :/ LOL I think I'll look into that anyways.

Trying to find some downloads for it, can't test the one I just got yet cause Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is still installing. I'll post later with a link if it does work for all those who want it.

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