I've been google searching this for a while but can't seem to find information on it that is helpful to me. Is it a way to work with partners on projects over a server? If so then this would be lovely. I get tired of sending my projects to friends so we can work on them together. It's much easier to just use Team Viewer for this but if Visual Studio 2010 has something built-in that would speed this up even further without the use of an external program that would be great!

If you have not used TFS, you are in for a treat. A few of the features include a full fledged source control solution, bug tracking, release planning, unit testing, integration testing, automated conditional builds. You can query work items (bugs, enhancements, etc) using an SQL like syntax. Microsoft has also included namespaces that allow programmatic access to TFS objects. Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

Buddy James


Is a server and port required for this? Because I believe I clicked something in the menu bar of Visual Studio once that required a server and port I believe however that this is what it was.

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