Hi everybody,
I am new c++ and a few days ago I downloaded Qt for gui developing,
I found some videos about it but I need something more advanced.
Videos from basic to advanced ??
If i watch all of these , will it be enough to make professional apps ????
Anything better than Qt ? visual c++ maybe ??

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Well! Since you mentioned you are new to c++ (I hope so), going directly for something like cross platform designing would be too overwhelming...And i don't think watching a lot of video can help, unless you are such a intermediate at programming. Well there is no prb in trying


Ok thanks,
all I've learned is from videos, I've tried reading books but its much slower,
to be more precise, I learn from the new boston and his videos are helpful and not annoying at all.
Thanks again


If you are new to C++ I would not recommend you to jump into Qt or C#. Qt is based on C++ and C#'s design is also influenced by C++. If you not familiar with the basics, you will end up constantly bumping into problems, and you certainly won't be able to produce good quality code. Don't try rush the learning curve. Mastering a programming language is not an easy to task, it takes a lot of time and effort. Take your time, learn the very basics, get familiar with the language, and its tools, and write your own code. Then, when you are comfortable with the language, and you understand the concepts, you can move on to the more advanced stuff, but not before or you will end up keep coming back on an on.

About the books, If you want to learn Qt I would recommend you :
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4(Second Edition) by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield - Easy to read, and moves on fairly quickly, it's good for introducing yourself to the Qt framework. The other one is : Foundations of Qt Development by Johan Thelin, this book elaborates more deeply how Qt works, this is the more advanced stuff, it certainly requires previous C++ knowledge.

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