Hey all,
Ok, I am new here, and my skill with c# is terrible.
I have completed few tutorial courses that I found on internet, but still I dont have the knowledge to complete the given task. I learned how to draw basic geometry shapes but this is confusing me. NOTE: this is my first task in C# and my first program (well except "hello world").

So.. here is what I have to do, look at the included picture (yes my program need to look like this on picture).

..and I was reading here on DaniWeb, I saw that most of you guys here request some code, I have made something, but it's more nothing, so I prefer fresh start.

Picture: http://imageshack.us/f/441/zadataky.png/


Looks like you should read into inheritance and polymorphism. Are you familiar with these concepts?

Yes in c++, but not in c#. I understand the task, but the syntax is killing me.

I posted something similar to this problem here. Hopefully it will help clarify the C# syntax.

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