how can i draw a free-shape (it means no particular shape or sides) and fill it in with the colors chosen from colordialog?

e.g. im gonna draw a rounded rectangle and i want to fill its insides with color red.

answers will be appreciated :)

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your links are somewhat hard to understand for a beginner like me, thanks anyway :)

im looking for a code that can be easily understood and really does the task.

You need to start with drawing a circle.

Gradually change its different parameters to create oval shapes and proceed further.

thanks for your suggestion, but im really running out of time to study the whole thing, do you have a custom-made codes which can do it? thanks

Could not you find any in the provided links ?

i believe there are enough code there.

and all of them are custom made.

yes there are codes there, but it doesnt fit the work i want.

let me explain it, i am making a hairstyle and makeup software, and the region to be filled is for the lipstick feature of the software wherein the user will trace the sides of the lips of the image and the fill will be the color of the lipstick using a colordialog. the links provided custom-made shapes like triangle , ellipse, etc. but what im looking for is that the user will actually draw the lips on the picturebox.

thanks for your posts but it doesnt get the point that i want, thanks for your efforts :)

After all the links I have provided, just want to know what you have codes so far.

But where is the code that you are working on, not Google search provided code.

Have you created anything of your own ?

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