Hello, I am not a completly new person to C# but I have some good background information about C# and it's contents. What i want is to be guided about what to solve how to develop my skills . can any one give me tips and put me on the right track?
best regards.

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Practice, practise, practise. It takes time unfortunately, no quick fixes here. Decide on an area you don't know well and learn something new. Build completely useless apps that use XML save to and read from a file, use drawing to make a ball bounce around the screen. You get the idea.

Also, get involved in a real app that you want to use yourself.
There is nothing like using your own software.

This depends. Are you familiar with other languages and interfaces (win32, sockets, multithreaded apps, etc). If you are, then it will just be a matter of syntax and which classes to use. If not, you will spend a lot of time banging your head on your keyboard like the rest of us have.

thx guys and I am ready to bang my head and spend a lot of time but what plz give me examples to start with and I'll try to make them and let u see if i am workin my way out or not!! I am really eager to be an expert plz help:)

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