yo evryone. class 11 kids submit a comp project as olevels paper 2. im a few years away from 11 but iwud love to make a project write noe n get an idea n so make an awsum one in 11 after this experience. buti dont hav any idea. i mean nothing. none. nada. zip . toatally a null matrix. im a whiz programmer a fast one. n now im thinkin i wud like a banking system for my project. can anyone tell me
what this system looks like? as in the field names and stuff(ooh my backend will be ms access 2003 or 2007) OR
does any one know that connection string of ms access 2003 or 2007 with which we, u know, link database file to vb6?
and can i get some tips or ideas for this system mayb sum links to make it AWSUM or smthing. i mean
ANYTHING related to this wud be helpful
NB:im planning to make this banking system a VAST one. cz i want FULL marks. seriously.
thanks n toodles evryone! =D

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At the stage you are at, you need to focus on develop the data model (database design) for your application, the programming will come later.

Think about what data you want to store and a relational data model that could be used to represent that data.

OK i get the store data part.i am gonna focus on d customer service side of the bank. customers accounts - business n non-business folks, special business accounts offers n stuff. but what is the relational data model? cant i just make a database n connect it to vb6 n do all the programming on vb6?my prob is that i just dont know what to do in the database. not familiar with banking systems AT ALL.

This is not really a database design discussion group,

Yes you can do all the interface in VB and there are tons of examples of connecting VB to databases on the site.

wrt the data model, have a go yourself first. You need to think about what data you will need to store, ie what information about a customer, what information about a bank account and what information about a transaction. Then think about how they will link together (ie the relationships between these three entities)

Once you have that, go into MSAccess and try creating some tables to hold this data.

i have no probs with that. i want to know what a vb6 banking system looks like.

we can't help with more details, can you publish your datamodel

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Nice said Chris. This would have gone on until you ended up designing AND writing the entire project.

@MaxRevenge, please adhere to our posting rules found HERE. We will always help where we can, we will however not do your work for you. Please show us what you have, we will then try and resolve any errors or give advice on what can be done etc.

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