Hey please help me,
I'm beginner to C# programming using visual studio 2008 ,i wanted to develop student information management system,so i wanted to create a table in sql database and maintain all information.so i created a new project and went to create sql new database, i right clicked on my project name in solution explorer and choose add option and than chosen new item and in that choose local database and clicked ok i got this error, what this error mean and what i must do to overcome this error. please find the attachment of error message.

when i clicked ok on the error message,i got database1.sdf connection icon in solution explorer and i went to server explorer and created table there but when the table is saved by pressing ok, i got again error message as "Failed to retrieve data for this request"please any body there help me..

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My guess would be there is something wrong with your .NET installation, such as a missing or corrupt component. You can spend days hunting for the faulty component or just reinstall Visual Studio.

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Are you familiar with connecting to databases without using the designer?

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