Hello guys i'm trying to send data to same socket at different times from different java classes. I can easily send the data from one class but after logging in when i try to send data to same socket from another java class ,there is an error. suggest me some solution

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Could you please show us the error?

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Could you please show us the error?

One approach would be creating a class to handle networking and simply sharing that object between all your classes. That class would manage the sending and receiving of the messages. You would probably need to create a way for each object to ask the class if messages had arrived for it.

You'll probably want to thread the networked side of the application.

can u please show me in example?

let me explain u guys. I had a login class from where i make a connetion to a socket through some port and then i have another class called CHATPANEL from where i want to send message to same socket and port from Login class without making any new connections. How can i do this any help will be appreciated :)

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