Hello guys. Just wanna know how you could add item to a vb 6 list box or combo box that is bind to a database? I.e. Ado oledb. Let say i have 1 text box wherein every time i input a data to it. It would be added to a list box or combo box item which item in return would be added to a database. And each data item in the list box or combo box could also be deleted or edited. And any duplicated date would not be accepted by the list box or combo box in upper or lower case. It is possible. And the list box data could be be in turn transferred to another list box item bind to another database table. Deletable and editable too.

Just do both of them at the same time.
In any event of control you can add item to listbox or combobox and add it to database.
Same action for edit, delete and transfer.
E.g :

Private Sub Command1_Click()
     List1.AddItem Text1.Text
     'your codes to add item to database 
End Sub