Hello Daniweb users, i wanted to ask you guys , if you can help me with making a game with C++, Do you know how to do it? or any suggestions? I prefer RPG Game... So if you have any suggestions, could you help me?


I advise you to learn the C++ Language before moving on to C++ Games, it helps in the future :) as it did for me :)

Anything more specific?

I don't really remember the rules for this part of the board, but isn't it more code-centered?
If no, let me just direct you to the LazyFoo tutorial - it covers some basic concepts for both game making and graphics. At least half my year at CS major used it for our last assignment.

No, dont think so, yeah can you , direct me to LazyFoo?

Oh, i'm, sorry @jaskij .

i just started using sfml its not so bad :)
allow me to be rude google sfml ;D

Despairy, you're probably right with SFML ;P
SDL feels a bit like a 90's library, but still, even making a Space Invaders clone using it taught me a lot.