I wonder of you can help me please, I'm new here and looking for an answer to a problem with my Java files.

'Problem' is:

When I try to open the 'Java' icon on the 'controll panel' page, it says 'Application not found' !?

I have tried re-installing Java but it still says 'Application not found'.
(There is a plain box on the control panel, where the Java sign should be, but nothing else.)

can anyone hepl me to solve this problem,because i want to install eclipse but i can do nothing without java.
I am using windows 7,64 bit
i am waiting
regards edsh

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Have you tried installing eclipse? Java is not an application. What I did was download java, install it, and installed an IDE (eclipse in your case) of my choice.
When I run the IDE it asked me to enter the location of the java that I installed.

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You'll need the JDK which you can get from the official site. Once you have that, installing Eclipse should be as easy as downloading the ZIP. If I remember correctly you can get it without an installer so it simply needs extracted and then you can run it.

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