Im relatively new to XML and was wondering how I could use DOM to produce a "per shop" report showing a list of the items available in the given shop (shop 1 first then 2), the item description, stock level and calculate a total value of the stock level from the xml code below? I want to use the shop id as an input to the program. How can I get to the shop element and from there choose the item child?

<shop number="1">
<street>Rigby Lane</street>


<item number="11">
<itemname>Black Coat</itemname>
<description>long coat</description>

<item number="12">
<description>DKNY wool</description>

<item number="13">
<description>blue gloves</description>

<shop number="2">

<street>Polaris Road</street>
<town>High Wikem</town>

<item number="14">

<item number="15">
<description>denier 60</description>



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