I'm having a hard time trying to syndicate my blogs. I want to create an RSS feed via PHP. So far, I have it running through all of the entries and spitting out <title> <link> <description> <time>. My problem is with the header. How do you declare those first few lines of <XML> and <RSS> and what version of RSS am I supposed to be using?!

You look like you're doing okay. Are you still having trouble?


Well CSCgal - to me, you are an IT Goddess! You have a script that partially works. You actually know something about the required scripting. You probably know what RSS stands for. I'm envious!

I know that RSS is useful, almost mandatory now, but what I need is the complete idiot's guide to setting up RSS so that MY content is syndicated. I've trawled Google at length, but writers can make English read like Swahili.

You know the kind of help I mean....really simple, like;

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you put the left leg out,
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That's what it's all about"

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