i need help in adding image in my current payroll project

i need a more simple way or easier to understand codes in adding image in my database

tnx in advance

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You can either store the image itself in the database (probably simpler code wise) or save the image to a directory and save the uri to the image in the database (this involves more code because you have to actually save the image but more efficient on your database).

well here we hit an access weakness...you have to be real careful what you do here

If its image for a form background/ splash screen great...but if your talking for a database per record you really want to avoid doing this as data base bloats.

As hericles says you ideally want to just point to where file is...I tried this with a client who scanned in documents and access bloated to heck..crashed all the time. The funniest 1 was in library where they added images to database they got there access database to 500mbs back then (15 years ago) that was just plain silly

You could do as hericles stated and just store a path reference into the database.

You could get it application side and then assign it to a string. Then pass the string in to the database. You will have to make sure that everything is spelt correctly ect.

well the thing is the project is proposed to be network...and i have zero idea if its possible to just path the image rather than store it in the database...

if you add path to record,you can still add in a control that uses path to display image

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