First off im sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking.

Im looking for some advice on where I should start, heres some background information on my experience.

Iv been software developing for several years now working with websites, computer applications and computer games and have an understanding of many computer languages.

When I was younger (at college) one of our assignments was to program a cnc machine to create a complex aluminum joint for a steam powered engine and program a micro robot to follow a line. None of which i can remember how to do at all.

Does anyone know a learning resources to do such things? Books, kits or websites which have tutorials on such things? Im more interested in programming things from scratch than pre designed pieces of kit such as a cnc machine.

look forward for a reply

thanks for reading ^

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You should pick a specific hardware platform to work with first. The Arduino board is one we've talked about in college. Although I've not worked with it, my friends who have claim its very straightforward to program. Its also designed to interface with and control a number of modern devices as well. Hope this is helpful!

thanks for the quick reply, sorry mines not.

a great help thank you.

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