I am desperately needing the assistance of people who understand VB and issues with programs written and compiled by incompetent programmers (me). Desperation compels me to throw myself on the mercy of the VB community of people who know what they are doing in the world of code writing; desperation also permits me to admit my incompetency.
Here is the story: I direct a field study of right whales, one of the rarest mammals on earth, in the waters off Cape Cod – that is cool, right? – in doing that work I dared to enter the world of VB and to write a simple data logging program that worked well on a laptop while onboard our research vessel. Since I wrote the program in ‘95, using VB6, I have periodically modified the program and gotten it to speak to our GPS using MSCOMM32.ocx. But now I MUST move the newly compiled version to a Windows 7 machine because the old laptop on which I programmed and ran the .EXE is dying. But the result is failure because (1) I get an error: ‘Runtime error ‘339’: Component ‘MSCOMM32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid’, and (2) when I try to use portions of the program that do not involve communications I get: ‘Class not registered. Looking for object with CLSID: 00000010…….’etc. Not so cool after all! Were it not for the desperate need we (and the whales) have to get this program (if you can call it that) working so we can log data to Access I’d not be embarrassing myself by posting this cry for help.
That said, I am desperate. Is there anyone who could give me some direction? I’ve read some of the remarkably useful threads from years ago related to some of these issues but am just not bright enough to figure out how to implement some of the suggestions. Is there anyone who could consult with me? These days we have virtually no $$$ because we work with rare animals but would be grateful for any assistance to bail us out.
Thanks for reading this overly wordy thread!

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Can I suggest you simply install XP rather than windows 7 on the PC.

Can I suggest you simply install XP rather than windows 7 on the PC.

I will try to do that, do you think that that mightsolve the issues?

If I can find XP I will try to downgrade to it.

Thanks for the thought.


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