hi! uhm. can anyone please help me out with this program im creating.
its a automaton simulator.
im having a problem with my way of presenting the simulation.
my automaton accepts strings (0 and 1).
the user then inputs any string from 0 and 1 ( eg. 000111 , 0101010 01011 etc)
i have two command buttons. and a label to contain the input string.
one command button for "1" and another for "0"

this dfa btw accepts strings only that doesnt have a substring of 0 on the 3rd position

uhm. im sure you guys know about dfa's.
my program is very easy to comprehend.

my problem is how to make lines colored out to mimic every input of 1 or 0.
these lines are the ones connecting one state to another state.this is my process of simulating the dfa.

or if you guys could suggest any simple way on how to simulate a dfa that would be just awesome.

ive attached my program here.
hope you guys could help me out.
thanks! :)

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your zip file appears to be corrupt

Yeah, it's corrupted. Post your code here.

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