help me with this please

Write a program that thoroughly tests the robustness of a bank account class, which must have the following attributes:
• Account Number
• Account Name
• Balance
You must produce the account class with its associated attributes, constructors, destructor, accessors and mutators.

You could start working on completing the whole system if time allows.
• Late submission rules apply.
• Up to 30 marks of the overall grade for assessment 9 are associated with this deliverable.
• Keep in mind that this part is required for parts B & C.

please any help will be appreciated!!

Ok.. so you need to first post some code you have done on your own..

#pragma once
#include "string"
using namespace std;
class BankAccount
    // The attributes for this class
    // private attributes cannot be accessed directly. 
    string accountNumber;
    string accountName;
    double balance;

// The methods for this class
    // constructors (overloaded)
    BankAccount(string numberIn, string nameIn);

    // destructor

    // accessor methods (getters)
    string getAccountNumber(void);
    string getAccountName(void);
    double getBalance(void);

    // mutator methods (setters)
    void deposit(double amountIn);
    void withdraw(double amountIn);
    void setAccountNumber(string numberIn);
    void setAccountName(string nameIn);